Wuxi Xindi plastic and paper product co.,ltd. is a private enterprise that merges manufacturing and sales into one whole. At present, the company mainly is engaged in manufacturing and sales of Handi wrap, Handi package and so on disposable commodity. The “Xindi” disposable commodity series wins high praise from the general customers by its high quality and outstanding service, and the product sells all over our country and overseas. The quality and quantity of the Handi wrap produced by Xindi company are among the best in the collesgue industry. The product has high well-knownness and prestige in the profession. The company wins “pleasing the customer unit”, “honor the contract and keep the promise enterprise” for many time. For many years, the company persists in " quality is first; customer is first" management idea, unceasingly consummates and expands itself, positively develops the marketing channel, develops new product, realizes the customer and the manufacturer double wins, creates the happy life together.
 Handi Wrap Series
 Handi Bag Series
 Tinfoil Series
 Tablecloth Series
 Disposable Commodity
 Rubbish Bag Series
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